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February 19, 2018

Gov. doesn’t know how many people have Power

If you want to know the number of subscribers who already have electricity, i’ts going to take very long to know. Governor Ricardo Rosselló could not say when the government will be able to offer the official number of subscribers to whom the electricity service has been restored to.

After the passage of Hurricane Maria, the Electric Power Authority keeps offering updates of percentage of energization to quantify the restoration of the service, without offering the actual number of subscribers who have electricity.

“We do not have the technical capacity to give that number today, “The Governor said.

The governor explained that PREPA does not have the fiber optic system working, which also collapsed because of the hurricane. This system is the one that technically allows to count the subscribers that have or do not have the service.

“Now there is a reality, we are working with fiber optics throughout Puerto Rico. As we collaborate with this effort of electric power re-connection, we will have a more appropriate and more accurate figure in terms of the number of subscribers, which is what we would like to give, “Rosselló Nevares told reporters.

Without offering an accurate date, Rosselló Nevares said that he expects that in the coming days work can be carried forward to offer the figure after the collaboration agreements with other states with the public corporation and the Army Corps of Engineers of the US, which It would allow knowing the number of subscribers that already have electric service.

He said both figures, the generation percentage and the number of subscribers are pairing as it increases. “As soon as we have that technical capacity, it will happen.”.