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February 19, 2018

US Congress aims to Ban Cock-Fights in Puerto Rico

The senator for the district of Guayama, Axel Chino Roque will file this week a concurrent resolution rejecting the project HR 4202 of the United States Congress that intends that the “Animal Welfare Act” be applied to the territories, thus imposing a ban on the celebration of Cock fighting sports on the island that could affect, according to the legislator, 27,000 families.

“The sport of cockfights has been in constant dispute for decades by groups that consider it animal abuse. It has been discussed over and over again several times in the history of Puerto Rico and has even overcome other prohibitions, “he recalled in a statement.

Thus, “after many struggles it has been declared a legitimate sport in Puerto Rico. We are here to represent the people, so it is up to us to echo their voice and defend our economy, traditions and culture, “said Roque.

According to the senator, who also chairs the Youth and Sports Commission, the project set up earlier this month by Representative Peter Roskam in the House of Congress of the US, “undermines the practice of a sport that has thousands of followers in Puerto Rico “.

He also stressed that the island is considered the “mecca of the international sport of cockfighting” so its ban would affect, he said, also the island’s tourism.

“It’s a self-sustainable sport. It does not cost the government a single penny, on the contrary, it contributes to the economy of the country. It generates thousands of direct and indirect jobs per year. Its practice represents a substantial economic injection to the island’s Tourism, “he said.

If the senator’s resolution is approved, a certified copy will be prepared and translated into English to be sent to the members of the United States Congress.